Meet The Band

Leona's Sister is a retro heavy rock band led by the powerful and unique vocals of JT.


Leona's Sister was originally a recording project created in 1998 by JT. The intent was to get her original writing put to music and recorded. With a few friends, she went into Studio92 and recorded the first CD, Almost Alive

In 1999, the project developed into a more regular pattern and the band Leona's Sister was started. More songs, new players, another visit to Studio92 and the second CD, Out Of The Basement, was born.

JT was struck by falling ice early in the spring of 1999. This brought the band to a halt but she continued to write songs.

In 2010, even though JT was still dealing with headaches from the injury, she and Bazman discussed reforming the band and approached Mike, their jamming partner. They also recruited Barb and Len who they met in the League of Rock's winter 2010 session. 2011 saw Leona's Sister back to Studio92 and in August 2011, they released a 5 song EP titled, 552010.

In August 2012, Mike left the band and was replaced by Deputy Dave Hanson.

Leona's Sister hired producer David Barrett (The David Barrett Trio, Classic Albums Live, Platinum Blonde) to work on their latest EP, "Vexed", recorded at Toronto's renowned Phase One Studio. Vexed was released in December 2013.

Their latest single, The Damage Done, recorded at TRH Studio, was released in October 2014.

Leona's Sister are currently working on material for a new EP while continuing to gig around Toronto.

JT JT - Vocals

JT is a prolific songwriter with a deep east coast heritage. She grew up in Nova Scotia with music all around her and began playing guitar at the age of 10. JT studied recording engineering and worked as a live sound engineer. Her writing and playing style leans towards the retro heavy rock bands of the 70's. Her early influences were Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Grand Funk. As JT would say, "I love noise".

JT Barb Piatkowski

 Barb was born and raised in the Big Smoke...Toronto, Ontario, Canada. During her formative years she dabbled in classical piano, during her teens she switched to guitar and in her 20's she settled on the drum kit, where she has been studying under her guru Robin Boers ever since. Barb's early musical influences include the Runaways, Blondie and Joan Jett and her first ever rock concert was the Who at Maple Leaf Gardens when she was only 13 years old. Barb is a fan of all types of music especially rock, and her favourite drummer (apart from her teacher) is anyone willing to get on stage and put themselves out there.
Barb proudly uses Los Cabos Drumsticks -

JT Len O'Sullivan

 Len came of age at the end of the golden era of rock and roll. By the time he was old enough to go to clubs, much to his chagrin, all the clubs were playing disco. Through the years as musical genres evolved, Len has always harboured his love for the music of his youth, when his record collection centered around the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and the Rolling Stones. And though he mostly wears a suit by day, he's thrilled to have been invited by JT and Baz to be part of the new Leona's Sister, and get to strap on his Les Paul by night.

JT "Deputy" Dave Hanson

 It was a balmy spring day in 1982. Pierre Trudeau was our prime minister, the best-selling car in Canada was the Oldsmobile Cutlass, and a scrawny teenager named Dave Hanson wandered into Continental Music in Ottawa and bought a Vantage electric guitar. What happened next was described by Dave's family as "A god-awful racket. Terrible noise. Hellish, really." After attempting to lead a fair number of appalling basement jam sessions while in high school, Dave moved on to Queen's University where he developed a talent for arranging vocal harmonies and was the bandleader and musical director of the Queen's Players comedy troupe. Having rendered himself unemployable by earning a degree in mediaeval history, Dave spent quite a few years hanging around in Kingston and playing guitar in a succession of short-lived bands including the much-lamented quartet, Mrs. Warren's Profession. After deciding to grow up and get serious, Dave moved to Halifax to complete his MBA at Dalhousie University, where he played a bit of bass in an informal trio that performed an awful lot of East Coast drinking songs. After moving to Toronto and focusing on non-musical pursuits for a decade or so, Dave is very pleased to have picked up his Telecaster once again and fallen in with Leona's Sister. Dave's most important influence, in music and in life, is Keith Richards. And his favourite superhero is Batman.

JT Barry (Bazman) Twohig

 Barry was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but Toronto is home now. He played drums in high school but stopped playing shortly afterward. His early music influences were from classic bands such as Grand Funk, Deep Purple and Steppenwolf. He worked as a sound and stage tech, doing live events for local and touring bands, before picking up the bass. His first band was a jam band from Fenelon Falls. Shortly after, Leona's Sister formed. Barry joined them for their 2nd session and is a current member. Barry also plays the occasional session in the League of Rock.